Analyzing Disk Space with Disk Usage

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The Disk Usage feature visualizes the size of all your files and folders, even the hidden ones, and enables you to detect large items on your hard drive. It scans your folders and marks them with different colors depending on size:

  • Red — >1 TB
  • Orange — 1 GB-1 TB
  • Yellow — 1 MB-1 GB
  • Green — 1 KB-1 MB
  • White — not scanned
  • Gray — scanning...

To check the user folder for all files and folders available, open Disk Usage, and then click Scan.

Disk Usage. Scan Disk Usage. Scan

In the list of results, the items are displayed hierarchically: files etc. If an item has a disclosure triangle next to it, this means that you can click it to view its components. To select the items, use the checkboxes or the Check/Uncheck buttons. To move the found items to the Trash, click Remove. To preview the items, use the Quick Look button. To search for a specific item, use the filter field. To search for items in a specific folder, click Change Folder. You can start the scan right after you choose the folder. To do it, select the Start the scan immediately checkbox in case is not selected by default.

The Start the scan immediately checkbox The Start the scan immediately checkbox

You can switch from the Column view to a List view. Here the items are not expandable – they are shown as files with full paths, and color highlighting is not shown as well. Therefore, it is better to choose the Column view, as it clearly shows all folders and files.

Disk Usage. List View Disk Usage. List View

Drag-and-Drop Support: Use the drag-and-drop functionality to quickly scan any folder.

Preferences of Disk Usage

How to set up Disk Usage in Preferences?

Preferences of Disk Usage